About Verify Residence.com

Verify Residence.com was created to assist schools and government employers to identify residency fraud. We do this utilizing modern technology and access to scores of unique and valuable databases not readily available to the public. Our independent residence verification service helps school districts, colleges, state and municipal employers with a quick, efficient, and economical method of verifying residences for all students and employees.

Verify Residence.com is the registered trade name of Excerion, LLC, a licensed investigative agency with more than 40 accumulative years experience in finding people and identifying fraud. The agency owners, Jimmie & Rosemaire Mesis are both licensed professional investigators and recipients of numerous awards from colleagues and professional associations worldwide. Jimmie Mesis has been recognized as one of the nations’s foremost investigative professional on locating people and serves on the advisory board for the Professional Development Institute / University of NorthernTexas. Rosemarie Mesis is recognized as an expert in locating custodial kidnapped children. Both Jimmie and Rosemarie are past recipients of the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association Investigator of the Year Award and both serve on the board of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services.