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Stealing education: families fake residency for school

"As he sits in an office in Freehold, private investigator Jimmie Mesis has at his fingertips the names and addresses of people he says are committing fraud across New Jersey and the nation. They may be typical soccer moms and hard-working parents, but they are fabricating documents or lying about where they live, to get…
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For some parents, search for better schools could lead to jail

Just over a year ago, Hamlet Garcia climbed up the steps of a stately courthouse in Norristown, Pa., wondering how much longer he would be free. The Philadelphia resident and his wife, Olesia, an insurance agent, were about to go on trial for theft of services, an offense usually reserved for cable service pilferers and…
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School district hires private investigators to catch kids ‘stealing’ education

FREEHOLD, N.J. – A New Jersey news site is highlighting a growing “problem” with parents who fudge enrollment documents to send their children to schools outside of their home districts. The Asbury Park Press recently spoke with private investigator Jimmie Mesis, who earns a living tracking down parents who commit “fraud” against school districts by…
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