Residency Audits

Database Residence Verification

Verify is quickly able to identify potential residence fraud for school districts, government agencies, and voter registration.

We can audit your entire student and employee roster with the names Data-centerand addresses you supply us along with personal identifiers. Our access to unique proprietary databases will search the information acquired form scores of data suppliers and then aggregate the results to generate a Residency Audit Report.

This unique report will provide you, your residency officer, or appointed official with a database report displaying a “Match, No Match, or No Record” designation. In the time it takes one of your staff to investigate just one individual, we could have audited your entire student roster or employee list.

Individuals who try to commit residency fraud often submit fictitiousor easily forged documentation in order to satisfy residency requirements. However, these individualsare not able to manipulate the myriad of records such a credit header files, addresses reported to credit card companies, financial institutions, the postal service, or any business entity that does business with the subject of an inquiry.

The results of our Residency Audit Report will enable your staff or our investigators to quickly identify potential fraud and begin the interview and investigation process to confirm the actual residence of an individual.