How to Report a Possible Residence Fraud -

Do you know of an out of district or out of town student that is unlawfully attending school in your district or town?

Do you know of an employee who is required to live within the town, city, county, state or designated area who is possibly committing residence fraud?

We welcome and encourage your confidential tip and request you provide us as much information as you can. There are several ways you can provide this information:

     - Calling our 24/7 Tips & Reward Hotline - 1-888-800-TIPS (8477); or
     - Send an email to; or
     - Send a fax to us at 832-308-3314,

Please be prepared to provide the following information if known:

   City/State of the person you are reporting:

   Name of the school or department they are attending:

   What is the name of the person you are reporting?

   If student, do you know what grade or age?

   Where does the person actually live? (Address, town/city)

   How long has the person lived there?

   Do you know who the person lives with?

   How do you know the person doesn't live in the district/town?

   If you qualify, would you like a reward?

   If so, may we contact you based on your contact information not
   being revealed? (By phone, email? If so, how?)

Reward Qualification:
You may qualify for a reward based on certain conditions. Only one reward is paid to the first person who provides verifiable information that results in the removal of the out of district student, but only if the school district is a participant in the Reward Program. The same restriction holds true for employees. The employer must be a reward program participant. We will also need to communicate with you on a confidential basis. The best way to do this is for you to acquire a temporary email address with Yahoo or Hotmail. This way your identity remains confidential and we can still communicate with you.

Please note that the people at the call center answering the phones have no information or knowledge of any previously made tips, they simply will document the answers to the questions above.